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Hi Im Louise, I’m a relationship therapist  and yoga teacher. I work with women, couples and individuals focusing on relationships.As a relationship therapist and coach, I have been helping women to make positive changes throughout their lives for over 20 years. I love seeing clients make that pivotal shift to a greater understanding, and self awareness.

I've helped many women through the therapeutic journey and I am here to guide you from confusion to clarity, to amazing lightbulb moments, and greater insight.

I have helped women to navigate issues such as, past childhood trauma, current life challenges, IVF, fertility, aspiring parents , family life , Loss and divorce, menopause, affairs and relationships issues.

I offer a spiritual based approach coaching and Therapeutic mentoring as well as 1:1 support.



Psychotherapy,Hypnotherapy,Yin Yoga and Meditation.

Helping people to develop curiosity to reflect and heal themselves in body and mind.

As a therapist I guide you through your own therapeutic journey to explore your authentic self, helping to heal emotional wounds and childhood trauma.A combination of approaches to restore the nervous system and bring balance back into your life.

My Wellbeing Place

My Wellbeing Place

My Wellbeing Place
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All Categories
20 min Yoga for the back to restore

20 min Yoga for the back to restore

Yin Yoga and Sacral Chakra

Yin Yoga and Sacral Chakra

Restorative Sacral Chakra Yin Yoga

Restorative Sacral Chakra Yin Yoga


"Helping you to heal emotions and discover how to connect to yourself and others  "


Online Meeting

My Wellbeing Place Membership
For women to support women.

A  space where women can book a session once a month and be part of a healing women's circle - to emotionally support one another in the membership.Tips and hints on self care and bringing back your personal power.

I use deep relaxation,meditation and mindful movement to help you connect with your body.

I work with you to get in touch with your body on a somatic level through deep relaxation sessions, breathe work and meditation.This helps us to pause for a moment and repair sensory overload.Deep relaxation and mediation helps to sooth the nervous system rebalance emotions and brings us silence in our chattering minds ,when we have burnout, compassion fatigue, tension, stress ,panic attacks and emotional trauma.A nurturing menu of holistic practices to accompany therapy or can be booked as a stand alone self care membership for £15 a month you can gain access to all my meditations, hypnotherapy for less then £5 a week.

Therapy 1.1 for Women individuals,  and Couples

I work with women on a one to one basis and through my 12 week Empathetic Leader Group program.

Whats included in the 12 week program:

12 Relationship Therapy sessions once a week.

Three empowering group calls-fostering group support amongst women.

Three sessions of deep relaxation and subconscious work.

Relationship reflection worksheets book.

I work with the past, present and future you and use this to identify any triggers and roadblocks to change. We look at any past traumas and how they may subconsciously be affecting your mind and body. We explore childhood experiences to help you learn how this lived experience impacts on the present self and relationships to bring awareness.

My approach is one that uses a combination of Psychodynamic, Transactional Analysis, Somatic approach, Drama Triangle and Person centred.

Hypnotherapy 1.1 for the subconcious mind  

Hypnotherapy is a deep form of relaxation delving into the subconscious mind to help you become consciously aware of negative thought patterns and behaviours.Hypnotherapy helps the subconscious mind to shift established ways of being to a new way of thinking about things and thus a desired change in your life.

I work with various different issues including;

  • Confidence and self esteem 

  • Sleep

  • Panic and anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Anger

  • Public speaking

  • Social phobia

  • Burnout and compassion fatigue

  • Unwanted habits

  • Past trauma and release of tension 

  • Letting go off Loss

 My Offerings


Louise was kind and guided me through questions, some of them challenging, that I knew nobody in my circle would have asked. She actively listened to what I had to say and suggested exercises that helped me move forward in my journey and prepared me in advance for the day in which I had to make important decisions again

I have been able to use the tools Louise has taught me to cope with anxiety in many different situations. I have been able to learn strategies that can stabilise obsessive thoughts and help me to process certain feelings. I have really seen a difference in myself since starting my therapy and could not have done it without Louise’s support and encouragement.


Seeing Louise was the best choice I’ve made. Louise is friendly, kind and very professional. It was a relief to know that not every session would be emotional and traumatic. I was able to open up and learn how to have important conversations rather than avoiding things being self destructive. Louise makes you feel like you’re not alone, it really was a helpful experience for me.

Book a free 20 minute call.For Clients and therapists+Coach's.

If you want to book a free consultation call or would like a free emotional or relationship wellbeing assessment fill in this form and look forward to connecting with you.

Alternatively go to my plans page to book a free consultation call.

Look forward to connecting with you on your therapeutic journey.

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