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Your Journey to Better Health Starts Here

I offer a variety of healing sessions. Choose yours.

  • On line Yoga for Therapists and Coach’s

    Learn to balance the nervous system and release tension and stress .
    Valid for 3 years
    • 1 hour class for Therapists and Coaches to decompress.
  • Free Relaxation

    Free 30 minute relaxation help rebalance and release emotion
    Valid for 12 months
    • Free Relaxation + meditation session to help restore calm
  • Therapy 1.1 weekly

    Every month
    Weekly sessions to look at issues that maybe impacting you.
    • 50 minute therapeutic session on Zoom
  • Therapy Call

    Book a chat with me to discuss any issues
    Free Plan
    • A free 20 minute chat to explore if therapy is right for you
  • Hypnotherapy weekly

    Every month
    50 minute session to change and rewire subconscious.
    • The session delves behaviours +changing the subconscious
  • Hypnotherapy call

    A Free 20 minute session
    Free Plan
    • A free taster Hypnotherapy session
  • Couples Therapy

    Every month
    Zoom Couples Therapy to explore relationship issues .
    • A 50 minute weekly session
  • Couples free chat

    20 minutes discovery call
    Free Plan
    • A free chat to see whether we can work together
  • Therapy supervision

    Every month
    For Coaches, Therapists, and healers.
    • Couples or 1.1 Therapy

      An initial session to work on issues within your relationship
      Valid for 12 months
      • Looking at communication, emotional connection and issues .
    • Free Training and Events

      This is a free service to allow you to have access to my free training in my healing facebook group
      Free Plan
      • You will gain the latest information about free training.
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