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My Offerings
1.1 Therapy, Couples Therapy and The Empathetic Leader 1.1 and Group program.

I work with women that seek therapy for different issues and trauma.These are some of the issues:

If you are interested in the Empathetic Leader Group program, I am running a wait list, so take a look on my Instagram or DM me, EP and we can book in a free chat.


Past childhood trauma


Domestic abuse

Stress and tension

Panic Attacks

Relationship issue's

Low Self esteem

Attachment issues

Unwanted behaviours and Phobia's


Self image issues

Life changing events

Loss of some kind 

Divorce and separation

New parents

Fertility issues/IVF

1.1 sessions are for 50 minutes or can be booked for 90 minutes .In the first session we explore the different issues that have bought you to therapy.

Sessions are booked in blocks of four ,one session per week and paid for monthly as a package. There is an option to renew after three months.Take a look at my plans page.

I offer a membership to my healing self-care practices which is a monthly subscription for £15 a week billed monthly where you can gain 1.1 support and womens group support.

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