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Wellness Coach

A little story

I have worked with thousands of women over twenty years as a social worker and therapist , helping women escape from toxic, controlling and abusive relationships.


I have worked within charities and organisations helping to support families and individuals with past life childhood trauma. 

In 2011 I trained as a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist and I started  my own private practice helping women and couples to build an emotional connection and to seek a more positive approach to their relationship through 1.1 couples and individual therapy.


Yoga  for clients ,therapists ,Coach's and anyone who likes Yoga.

I have recently trained to become a Yoga teacher and I am starting to use the art of therapeutic mindful movement, stretching ,deep relaxation and meditation ,to help clients release stuck emotions and past trauma.

My classes are open to therapists who want to unwind and balance themselves after client work. 

I also have a separate healing emotional regulation class that clients can access weekly.

I will help you with that journey of self healing and discovery, so that you can become your empowered self and find your personal power.

Go to plans to book a class .

No person should feel alone in their mental health or emotional healing journey.If you are feeling stuck and alone with your emotions, I offer 1.1 support and different levels of support.


Therapist Packages +Coaching  

If you are new to business and have just qualified and would like to join my coaching calls to see how I could help you to elevate your business to the next level then contact me through my email so that we can arrange  a chat.

1.1 Call , Business call, Voxer Support, Hypnotherapy for business, business audit of where you are now and where you need to be, Free training modules and masterclass, in Elevate your Impact .


This mastermind is a  year high proximity support ,that can help you to dig deep and really support you with the framework I used to leave my 9-5 and build a sustainable either online and face to face business.

In my mastermind its not just the business side we cover your own subconcious beliefs , self trust ,Imposter syndrome , Mindset,   you can access, meditations, healing affirmations, Yoga Hypnotherapy and deep relaxation 


How I help you  ....

My passion as a relationship therapist with different approaches is to guide you through your own individual and personal journey to discover who you are and your most authentic self.


I help you to work through emotional set backs, relationship issues, past life trauma and help you to heal from within.

Think of me as a personal trainer for your emotions and relationships, here to cultivate positive and healthy ways to engage in relationships.

  • My offerings includes either a one to one weekly session or couples session.

  • You want to establish emotional boundaries and boost your self esteem.

  • Helps to build a more empathetic perspective and you learn the techniques to self love and be your own empathetic leader in your own life -incorporating a routine of self care and preventing emotional overload.

  • Helps you to have a safe space without judgement to discuss your own individual lived experiences and helps you to mend and heal the wounds of the past 

  • Shines a light on your life's purpose and reassess your life/relationship goals and where you want to be in the future.

  • Begin a personal journey of your own self discovery.

  • Working with me to help gain a sense of perspective and gain your personal power again.

My four core values that I follow in my work and program are to;​

Giving yourself time and space for reflection.

Being kind to yourself.

A container to allow emotional healing and personal growth.

Allowing empathy for ourselves and others.

Establishing personal power and self empathy and self worth.

If you are searching for clarity in your relationship and want to avoid being in a toxic relationship ,where the dynamics are destructive or you are a single women or man who is afraid of repeating previous relationship patterns, the program or one to one sessions with me, will allow you the space to reflect and build strategies for better communication, the red flags and identifying negative interactions, within a relationship, so that you know, what you don't want and what you do want ,from a balanced healthy relationship.

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