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Masterclass Activate your Impact .How to grow a private practice.

The aim of this masterclass is that it will be an interactive experience and will help you to see how you can make this possible for you.This will introduce you to the 12 steps I took to grow my practice and leave my 9-5 and create a sustainable income.


 This workshop is realistic , this workshop is not going to promise you 28 million dollar months in 1 week after employing my framework but what it will do this …


  1. Give you a proven framework that my clients and I have used to create income streams for your business 

  2. Build a sustainable business that can grow into a flourishing practice.

  3. My model  focusing on packages rather than 1.1 solely and evergreen programs


 I am going to share with you how to do the above and talk to you about word of mouth referrals , how to get clients engaged and sign from the first call and the importance of this to help build trust with the client and repeated business.We will focus on the first steps that you need to take to get you started in your private practice.

This masterclass will be interactive and I sent you a workbook to work through some of the coaching questions to start to activate your subconscious and to look at things differently in your business so that you can activate what’s meant for you. 


We will end the session with an activation practice that will help you to activate your subconscious mind and you will begin to feel the more empowered version of you .


The aim of this masterclass is for you to leave with a plan of the key actions you need to take to move forward and start your business and practice.This training will help you to move from therapist to thinking like a business owner. 


Anyone who signs up , for my Elevate you Impact masterclass training - will receive a bonus of a 1.5 hour call 1.1 of additional coaching support straight after the masterclass can be booked in and 7 days free access to the membership. 

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